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1+ $152.4156 $152.4156
100+ $136.4266 $13,642.6620
500+ $126.8396 $63,419.8125

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Amgis, LLC
Power Transformers
Center Tap
Current - Output (Max)
Parallel 16.66A, Series 8.33A
Height - Seated (Max)
Mounting Type
Chassis Mount
Part Status
Power - Max
Primary Winding(s)
Secondary Winding(s)
Size / Dimension
142.24mm Dia
Termination Style
Wire Leads
Voltage - Isolation
Voltage - Primary
Voltage - Secondary (Full Load)
Parallel 30V, Series 60V
8.8 lbs (4 kg)

Latest Reviews

Article fits the description on the website and it is good quality. Free in 5 days in France well protected in a bubble envelope. Each value is row in a small bag zip. Trés satisfied with my purchase, I recommend this article and this supplier.

Works. Find the price of this product is very good

High Quality driver, works excellent. It came to Moscow for 7 days.

Decent quality, not минвелл certainly, but enough decent

Seems well have not tested

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