What are the functions of the motherboard chipset?

The English name of the motherboard chipset is Chipset. It is the core component of the motherboard. It evolved from the VLSI gate array control chip in the past 286 eras. It can be said to be a bridge between the CPU and peripheral devices. For the motherboard, the motherboard chipset almost determines the motherboard functions and even the performance of the entire computer system. The performance of the motherboard chipset will determine the performance and level of the motherboard. If the motherboard chipset cannot work well with the CPU, it will seriously affect the overall performance of the computer or even fail to work normally.

The motherboard chipsets are classified as follows:

1. Classified by a purpose: server, workstation, desktop, notebook, etc.

2. Classified according to the number of chips: single-chip chipset, multi-chip chipset, north-south bridge chipset

3. Classified according to the degree of integration: integrated chipset and non-integrated chipset

The motherboard chipset production companies are as follows:

1. Desktop: Intel platform, AMD platform

2. Laptop: Intel platform

Server/Workstation: Intel platform, Server Works

How to check motherboard chipset information?

First, open the case to check the matching and version model on the motherboard, and self-check to see the motherboard model and the detailed information of the motherboard box.

Second, confirm the motherboard model from the motherboard logo, display the motherboard model on the boot screen, open the computer "Start"-enter "Run"

Interface-type on: dxdiag-display motherboard information in "system"

The third is to view the chipset in the system equipment through Everest.