Western Digital launches the WD Purple Pro series to fully meet the needs of smart video

While the overall process of the current society is accelerating, emerging technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence continue to drive the rapid growth of the global digital economy, and the field of smart video has ushered in huge growth opportunities. IDC forecast data shows that by 2025, the global smart video camera market will grow from US$23.6 billion in 2019 to US$44 billion. Artificial intelligence-enabled cameras, 2K, 4K, and even higher-definition video devices will continue to introduce new ones. , Smart health and smart cities, and other rich application scenarios that require real-time video analysis are constantly emerging, all of which are driving the rapid transformation of traditional video monitoring to smart video.

The development of new technologies also brings new demands. How can we effectively store, efficiently access, facilitate sharing, and secure control of data? How can we bring users more efficient, smarter, and more reliable storage solutions? In the process of solving the above problems, what kind of innovative technological achievements will Western Digital, which has been deeply involved in the field of smart video, have for a long time? At the communication meeting held on June 1, 2021, Western Digital introduced in detail the excellent storage performance, capacity, workload capacity, and reliability of the new WD Purple Pro series, and how Western Digital works with industry partners to jointly promote Chinese wisdom The continuous development of the video.

WD Purple Pro series: the ideal solution for the smart video market

According to Steven Craig, senior vice president and general manager of China and the Asia Pacific of Western Digital, the higher-capacity, more powerful WD Purple Pro series storage solutions fully meet the storage needs of artificial intelligence NVRs, video analytics servers, and deep learning systems, Bringing more ideal solutions to the smart video market. At the same time, Western Digital has also optimized the original WD Purple series to better support mainstream NVR/DVR equipment.

"The launch of the new WD Purple Pro series has given us a complete product series with the WD Purple series of storage devices as the core, from the terminal to the cloud, enabling customers to design and build overall smart video workload solutions in an all-round way, and help the public The future development of key areas such as security, artificial intelligence, and smart cities.” Steven Craig said that as a leader in data infrastructure, Western Digital will continue to create innovation, break through the boundaries of technology, and continue to make efforts to promote the digital development of the global economy.

According to Michael Liang, Director of Channel Sales of Western Digital China, from the implementation of the digital economy to specific scenarios such as health monitoring, smart transportation, crowd management, smart factories, smart business, and other subdivisions, video monitoring has brought people’s lives Improvements and enhancements in all aspects.

Michael Liang mentioned that the three main equipment in the traditional video monitoring process includes: front-end camera, NVR (network hard disk video recorder), and back-end server. After one-way transmission of a video stream from the front-end camera to the NVR device, the NVR device then feeds the data stored here (mainly images and videos) to the back-end server for data analysis and algorithm improvement. Nowadays, high-definition video has become popular. The front-end camera has been upgraded from a traditional camera to an AI camera with a built-in AI algorithm chip. The path from the camera to the NVR device has also been upgraded from single-channel transmission to multiple-channel transmission. Traditional NVR devices have also begun to support AI functions. At the same time, the background service area also began to support the Deep Learning function.

Based on the above innovations, the newly released WD Purple Pro series solutions are advanced storage products for smart video, suitable for AI-enabled NVR devices, video analysis servers, and deep learning systems.

Specifically, the WD Purple Pro series have high performance and workload ratings, which can handle heavy analysis and deep learning loads. In contrast, the WD Purple series has a speed range of 5400 to 5460 rpm, while the WD Purple Pro product reaches 7200 rpm. . In terms of workload, it can support an annual workload of 550TB, while the traditional video monitoring hard drive is only 180TB; in addition, the WD Purple Pro series is built with enterprise-level standards and has a reliability of 2.5 million hours of MTBF; in terms of capacity, it is also Increased to 8TB-18TB; also optimized for the video stream cache and algorithm processing, with the blessing of AllFrame AI technology, it can ensure that the product is more stable and reliable in the application of smart video; at the same time, Western Digital's unique hard disk health management software WDDA (Western Digital Device Analytics) can also help customers monitor and manage the usage of hard drives. If the hard disk has some potential risks of failure, it will prompt the user to perform some necessary repair operations.

With the above advantages and features, the WD Purple Pro series is mainly used in the following three target application scenarios: 1. Hard disk video recorders with AI functions; 2. Back-end servers with deep learning functions; 3. Deep learning, Video analysis solution for artificial intelligence training and deduction.

In the field of smart video security, in addition to WD Purple HDD, Western Digital’s solutions include the WD Purple microSD memory card series specially developed for the field of camera built-in memory cards, and the NVR devices that support artificial intelligence applications and algorithms. The WD Purple Pro series, from AI cameras to NVR recorders to servers, has created a complete set of advanced storage solutions for smart video.

Throughout the entire press conference, it is not difficult to find that the integration of artificial intelligence technology and traditional video monitoring has expanded the application of smart video to smart cities, smart medical, smart health, and other industries, and at the same time, it has also brought massive data growth. In order to cope with this explosive growth in data volume, Western Digital is also continuously increasing hard disk capacity, optimizing and deep learning for subsequent algorithms, and constantly observing market changes and evolution, combining industry trends in communication with customers, and product development. Define the view, and continue to introduce more market-oriented optimized products, so that users in all walks of life can get efficiency improvement and business optimization through Western Digital hard disk empowerment.