Supply-demand matchmaking|ES SHOW electronic material procurement exhibition supply-demand purchase matchmaking meeting held

The global chip is already out of stock. I believe this is not news. Today this chip factory caught fire, and which factory will be out of power tomorrow. There are still many people who think it is the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. It can be said that it was a "false shortage" at the beginning. "Goods", but it gradually becomes really out of stock in the future.

By this year, there was a shortage of automotive chips, and the supply of all chips as a whole was out of stock, including mobile phones, computers, home appliances, and even fields. According to news reports, the phenomenon of car breakpoints has been exposed since last year. It has been affected by various factors and spread from the early automotive industry to the wider electronics field.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, for Chengshun

On May 28th, ES SHOW Shenzhen Electronic Parts and Materials Purchasing Conference held Shenzhen Electronics and Materials Purchasing Conference held exhibitions and Reed Exhibitions Group and Chinese electronics manufacturing service companies held supply and demand in Shenzhen Galaxy WORLD Guofeng Art Museum (Exhibition Hall) Purchasing matchmaking events focus on resource cooperation services before, during and after the exhibition, improve the matching degree of business cooperation, and attract procurement companies, increase the probability of success, and truly achieve the full value cooperation chain of Zhanshi.

Leshan Wireless, Fujie Electronics, Shenzhen Yangxing, Guangdong Micro-Capacity, Gree Xinyuan, Principal Semiconductor, Chendaxing, Milliohm Electronics, Jinkoxin, Yangtze River Connector, Inactive Ruixin, Xiangyi Electronics, etc. The original and 39 Hengjia suppliers from Huaqiang Electronics Network, Shiqiang, Creative Electronics, Jingbei Tongyu, Mengke Electronics, Xima Technology, Jiasheng, etc. have brought capacitors, capacitors, tantalum capacitors, diodes, MOS Product surveys to protect the connection time of devices, sensors, ICs, devices, etc.

At the same time, it also invited Hytera, ZTE, Zecheng Electronics, Huizhou Xiwensi, Guangshang Technology, Yirad Electronics, Zhengzhou Muhe Electronics, Suzhou Edelong, Shenzhen Environmental Protection, Xinxiang Meida High, Dongguan Huafu , Shanghai Kangbo, Dongguan Aikanger, Kuaike Intelligent and other 45 electronic manufacturing companies from the country's procurement department responsible persons attended the meeting.

Supply-demand matchmaking exchanges and on-site parties, companies conduct one-to-one purchases and supplier matchmaking, and market price fluctuations are in short supply, which builds review support for the promotion of enterprise production procurement and chain optimization. They all expressed that the matchmaking meeting was active and thanked the partners, and hoped to have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the e-commerce chamber.

The supply-demand matchmaking event is a series of activities of the ES SHOW Shenzhen Electronic Materials Purchasing Exhibition, which aims to build an interactive communication platform for both the supply and the demand. The ES SHOW exhibition site held at the Futian Convention and Exhibition Center on August 25-27 will focus on consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and communications The large-scale events held by the electronics industry are more abundant supply and demand matchmaking. We welcome strong active and passive products to join us. At the same time, we also hope to help the resources of the electronics industry: first determine the model, not much supply, raw material purchase price pressure, And improve production efficiency.

A strong alliance, mutual benefit, and win-win

Invited the Electronic Chamber of Commerce Xu Huiyingying platform to give an asynchronous speech. Said that the Shenzhen market of electronic components and materials procurement is a large-scale brand service created by the Electronic Chamber of Commerce, aiming to create corporate resource docking, exchange, and cooperation sharing in the electronic information industry. , To promote the win-win situation of enterprises on the supply chain.

Chairman Zhu Guifeng shared the theme, exchanged views on the development status and market applications of domestic chips, and provided in-depth analysis on breaking through technical barriers, product scenarios, and service systems, providing new paths, new perspectives, and new ideas.

Xu Yibing, China Electronics Manufacturing Service Enterprise Alliance, delivered a speech. This time, it will bring positive help to the docking between EMS electronics manufacturing service alliance enterprises and electronics and parts companies. At the same time, I look forward to more industry docking activities in the future, and I hope ES SHOW will show more on-site. Many electronic accessories and garbage companies bring more resources to EMS and electronic manufacturing companies.

80% of the booths have been sold, and later suppliers settled in

From August 25th to 27th, a more comprehensive ES SHOW in Shenzhen will be held on August 25-27 at the Futian Pavilion. Microelectronics and material procurement activities will be held on the 21st and 21st of 2021. Specifically, on May 31st, 80% of the exhibition booths had been sold, which drove the full support of the original retail brands and distributors and promoted the sales situation.

ES SHOW 2021 will be issued synchronously and in the same place with NEPCON ASIA with the theme of electronic manufacturing equipment, S-FACTORY EXPO with the theme of smart factory equipment, and AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA with the theme of automotive electronics technology, through the display of electronic components and materials +Electronic manufacturing equipment+Smart factories and automation equipment+Automotive electronics and other integrated electronics manufacturing industry chain products and technical solutions, sharing 75,000 buyers in the electronics manufacturing industry, the visitor pre-registration has been opened, and we look forward to witnessing all of this in 2021. Rare electronic accessories and professional business platform for purchasing docking.