Renesas Electronics Xu Zheng: E-AI artificial intelligence solution enhances industrial Internet equipment and promotes industrial automation

On June 23, at the Fifth Industrial Control and Communication Technology Symposium in 2021, Xu Zheng, senior director of the Industrial Automation Division of Renesas Electronics China, shared the theme of "E-AI Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Automation", he said, Renesas has served the industrial automation market for 40 years and understands customer requirements for quality, reliability, real-time control and industrial networks.

In the past 40 years, Renesas Electronics has continued to update and iterate products and invest in technology. In terms of the manufacturing process, Renesas Electronics has been from the early ordinary process to the later mature 40nm. Our latest 28nm will gradually transition to 16nm and 12nm in the future. This series of products have made great strides in our global sales. Manifestation.

Xu Zheng emphasized that embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI) is Renesas' core technology in the field of smart factories and industrial automation. For edge computing, the core product is MPU. "Using embedded e-AI enables our existing equipment to use artificial intelligence for reasoning and execution, so as to realize the intelligence of the terminal. For manufacturers to directly integrate e-AI into their existing production equipment, this is the future One direction of the future." Xu Zheng said.

Xu Zheng said that e-AI can meet the real-time requirements of the industrial Internet of Things and infrastructure, and its DRP (Dynamic Configurable Processor) technology can realize real-time speculation, cognition, and terminal learning functions. Renesas has launched a new microprocessor using DRP technology, which is already operating in the field of industrial applications. The e-AI solution based on DRP technology enhances industrial Internet equipment and helps customers lead new markets.

Xu Zheng pointed out that on-site dynamic learning and continuous reasoning can be done in the cloud on the one hand, and more at the embedded operating system and chip level. We help customers be more convenient. DRP preprocessing can bring great benefits to customers. help. Renesas Electronics has many application cases of artificial intelligence. For example, gesture recognition based on RZ/A1H, motor fault detection based on RX66T, and "high-speed image recognition" based on RZ/A2M.

This year, at the Shanghai Electronics Fair in Munich, Renesas Electronics' mobile object tracking solution was unveiled, and customer feedback was good. This solution uses Renesas RZ/A2M microprocessor (MPU) with DRP (Dynamic Configurable Processor) technology and only one camera for image acquisition, control, and vision processing. The control signal drives the movement of the robotic arm to realize object recognition, tracking, and precise grasping. Compared with other machine vision and image recognition solutions, RZ/A2M with DRP and E-AI (embedded artificial intelligence) has higher speed and better power efficiency. From image acquisition to AI inference, it only takes 2.5 milliseconds (400MHz) to complete, and the power consumption is as low as 0.6W (A2M only) and 2.3W (with an A2M control board). E-AI technology can transplant AI models to microcontrollers (MCUs), free from cloud interference, and complete AI inferences locally, greatly improving the efficiency and stability of inferences.