LTC3558 Linear USB Battery Charger with Buck and Buck-Boost Regulators

Product Details

The LTC3558 is a USB battery charger with dual high efficiency switching regulators. The device is ideally suited to power single-cell Li-Ion/Polymer based handheld applications needing multiple supply rails.

Battery charge current is programmed via the PROG pin and the HPWR pin with capability up to 950mA of current at the BAT pin. The CHRG pin allows battery status to be monitored continuously during the charging process. An internal timer controls charger termination.

The part includes monolithic synchronous buck and buck-boost regulators that can provide up to 400mA of output current each and operate at efficiencies greater than 90% over the entire Li-Ion/Polymer battery range. The buck-boost regulator can regulate its programmed output voltage at its rated deliverable current over the entire Li-Ion range without drop out, increasing battery runtime.

The LTC3558 is offered in a low profile (0.75mm), thermally enhanced, 20-lead (3mm × 3mm) QFN package.


  • SD/Flash-Based MP3 Players
  • Low Power Handheld Applications

Features and Benefits

  • Battery Charger
    • Standalone USB Charger
    • Up to 950mA Charge Current Programmable via Single Resistor
    • HPWR Input Selects 20% or 100% of Programmed Charge Current
    • NTC Input for Temperature Qualified Charging
    • Internal Timer Termination
    • Bad Battery Detection
  • Switching Regulators (Buck and Buck-Boost)
    • Up to 400mA Output Current per Regulator
    • 2.25MHz Constant-Frequency Operation
    • Power Saving Burst Mode® Operation
    • Low Profile, 20-Lead, 3mm × 3mm QFN Package