Longli Technology unveiled its Mini-LED backlight module products at ICDT 2021

Recently, the four-day (May 30-June 2) 2021 International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT) was grandly held in Beijing. As the most important and representative event in the display industry, this conference brought together well-known entrepreneurs and academic leaders in the display field around the world to carry out technology sharing and in-depth discussions in the field of information display, aiming to actively promote the research and development of display technology. The development of intelligent manufacturing technology.

While exchanging cutting-edge technologies, the conference also provides a centralized display platform for many innovative technologies and cutting-edge products. Longli Technology made a stunning debut with six Mini-LED backlight module products, demonstrating its global leading technical strength in the information display industry and the advantages of a full range of products, attracting many industry professionals to stop for exchanges and discussions.

At this exhibition, Longli Technology respectively exhibited Mini-LED backlight module products suitable for automotive, NB, TV, flat panel, display, and other fields. Among them, the most concerned is the 12.3-inch Mini-LED products used in vehicle platforms, which have high brightness, high contrast, high color gamut, and low power consumption compared with traditional displays. It is reported that the product has been trial-produced and applied in domestic new energy brand vehicles.

12.3-inch car backlight display module

In the display field, Longli Technology's advantages in backlight products have also been recognized by many customers, and it has recently become the supplier of Konka's latest Mini-LED display backlight display module. The display applies the Local Dimming backlight drive technology independently developed by Longli Technology to achieve local backlight control over 1152 partitions, with higher brightness and deeper darkness, reproducible HDR content, making the color display more accurate, and truly achieving millions of levels The ultra-high contrast image quality level once again demonstrated Longli Technology’s industry-leading Mini-LED backlight module technology level.

Konka 31.5 inch Mini-LED display

In the TV display field, Longli showcased the newly developed 65-inch TV with a Mini-LED display solution. This TV is equipped with zone control and Local Dimming technology to achieve fine backlight control, making the bright field brighter and the dark field darker. , Showing higher contrast. The combination of quantum dots and Mini-LED backlight technology enables the TV to present accurate and brilliant colors.

Popular backlit TV effects show

With the development of LED display technology, smaller pitch displays have become the future trend. Mini-LED undertakes the characteristics of high efficiency, high reliability, high brightness, and fast response time of small-pitch LEDs, and has the advantages of brighter colors, higher definition, thinner volume, and longer life. Since the deployment of Mini-LED technology in 2016, Longli Technology has achieved small batch production of multiple sizes of products with strong R&D capabilities and high-quality services and has customized development capabilities and mass production capabilities.

In the future, Longli Technology will continue to uphold its respect for technology and persistence in innovation, continue to strengthen its core advantages in the field of backlight display technology, continue to increase investment in technology and product research and development, and promote the wide application of Mini-LED backlight technology in various life fields. , To bring beautiful changes to human life with the power of science and technology.