Invest 800 million! GAC and Huawei establish a joint venture subsidiary to enter the smart car SUV market

Huawei has always promoted that it does not build cars. It has a cooperative or competitive relationship with major automakers and has always been talked about by the auto industry. In the era of automobile intelligence, the advantages of smart cockpits, autonomous driving, and chip production are approaching technology companies. Traditional car companies cannot master the core technologies in this field. This has led to the decline of traditional car companies' voices in the era of intelligence. On July 8, 2021, at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, CTO of Huawei Smart Car Cloud Service, Yu Jiebo, revealed the latest three trends in autonomous driving:

First, as a high-level autonomous driving, the current technological progress is faster than we thought. For example, in the Robotaxi field, many partners in the autonomous driving industry have implemented open road tests, and some have even implemented unmanned tests.

Second, in the field of mass production vehicles, major automakers have clear mass production plans for ADAS, high-end autonomous driving, or assisted autonomous driving. Some car companies have begun to put forward specific requirements for algorithm iterations this year, and development is also accelerating.

Third, the importance of high-precision maps and V2X vehicle-road synergy in the development of autonomous driving has greatly increased, and the industry is also accelerating, which will also bring a huge boost to the autonomous driving industry.

Huawei has entered the automotive industry. Traditional car companies are still win-win cooperation. Recently, SAIC and GAC have given different answers.

At the latest 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, SAIC Chairman Chen Hong responded to investors’ answer to why they did not cooperate with Huawei: “Huawei has become the soul, and SAIC has become the body. For such a result, SAIC cannot accept it. The soul is in your own hands."

At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Huawei MDC810 also made a wonderful appearance. The core of this computing platform is 400Tops computing power, which is nearly 3 times that of Tesla's FSD.

On July 9th, GAC Group issued an announcement agreeing to the implementation of the project between its wholly-owned subsidiary GAC Aian New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. and Huawei (AH8). The AH8 model is the first medium and large intelligent pure electric SUV jointly developed by GAC and Huawei. It is equipped with an L4 autonomous driving function. It is planned to be mass-produced by the end of 2023. The total investment of the project is nearly 800 million yuan.

According to the previous strategic cooperation agreement signed between GAC Group and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., the two parties will build a new generation of smart car digital platforms based on GAC’s GEP3.0 chassis platform and Huawei’s CCA (computing and communication architecture), equipped with Huawei’s full-stack smart car model. Plan, jointly define, jointly develop, and jointly build a series of smart cards for the two. The smart car digital platform jointly built by the two parties will be developed in a platform-based manner, and a variety of models will be derived.