HMC-XTB110 Passive ×3 Frequency Multiplier, 24 - 30 GHz Input

Product Details

The HMC-XTB110 is a monolithic ×3 Passive Frequency Multiplier which utilizes GaAs Shottky Diode technology, and exhibits low conversion loss and high Fo isolation. This wideband ×3 multiplier requires no DC power, and is targeted to high volume applications where frequency ×3 of a lower frequency is more economical than directly generating a higher frequency. All bond pads and the die backside are Ti/Au metallized. The HMC-XTB110 Passive ×3 MMIC is compatible with conventional die attach methods, as well as thermocompression and thermosonic wire bonding, making it ideal for MCM and hybrid microcircuit applications. All data shown herein is measured with the chip in a 50 Ω environment and contacted with RF probes.


  • E-Band Communication Systems
  • Short-Haul/High Capacity Radios
  • Automotive Radar
  • Test & Measurement Equipment

Features and Benefits

  • Conversion Loss: 19 dB
  • Input Drive: +13 dBm
  • Passive: No DC Bias Required
  • Die Size: 1.1 × 1.4 × 0.1 mm