An article to understand which models of TVS diodes for transient voltage suppression

TVS transient suppression diode is a high-efficiency overvoltage protection device. When both ends are subject to instantaneous high-energy impact, the TVS instantly transforms its own high-resistance characteristics into low-resistance characteristics and absorbs large currents to clamp the voltage across the TVS to a certain value, so as to protect the downstream circuit from transient high-energy. The impact to ensure the safety of the circuit. Many customers come to inquire about TVS transient suppression diodes, and they can clearly know the requirements of the material number: package form, power, working voltage, clamping voltage, breakdown voltage, and so on. For example: What are the 200V transient suppression TVS diodes? What are the SMD TVS diode models? What are the 3000W direct-plug TVS tube models...

Transient voltage suppression TVS diodes, 200V high voltage, what models are there?

TVS transient suppression diode function

Regarding the role of TVS transient suppression diode in the circuit, in general, its role is:

1) Using TVS on the signal and power lines can protect the microprocessor or microcontroller from instantaneous pulse hazards, such as electrostatic discharge, AC power surges, and switching power supply noise.

2) The electrostatic discharge effect can release pulses exceeding 10000V and 60A, and can last for 10ms; when TTL devices encounter 10V pulses, they will be broken down and damaged; at this time, TVS transient suppression diodes can be used to effectively absorb static electricity. Discharge the released pulse and eliminate the interference caused by the switch between the buses.

3) When TVS is used between the signal line and the ground, it can avoid unnecessary noise from the data and control bus.

TVS transient suppression diode applications

When the TVS transient suppression diode is used alone, it is necessary to select the appropriate model of the peak pulse current Ipp according to the maximum surge current that may appear on the circuit. When TVS is used as the second level of protection, 500W-600W is generally used. It should be noted that the maximum clamping voltage of the TVS should be less than the maximum surge voltage that the protected equipment can withstand at this time. When TVS is used in the protection of signal transmission circuits, it is necessary to pay attention to the frequency or transmission rate of the transmitted signal. When the transmission rate is high, low-capacitance TVS transient suppression diodes should be used. When the transmission rate is greater than or equal to 10Mb/s, the TVS junction capacitance should be less than or equal to 60PF; when the transmission rate is greater than or equal to 100Mb/s, the TVS junction capacitance should be less than or equal to 20PF.


Transient voltage suppression TVS diodes, 200V high voltage, what models are there?

200V TVS transient suppression diode model

There are many types of TVS transient suppression diodes, including high voltage, low voltage, high power, low power, patch, in-line, one-way, two-way, etc., and the models are complete. At present, the industry classifies TVS with a working voltage above 200V as high-voltage TVS diodes. Recently, it has been discovered that there are particularly many customers who consult high-voltage TVS diodes. So what are the 200V high-voltage TVS transient suppression diode models?

According to the query of the Dongwo Electronics TVS transient suppression diode product manual, the 200V high voltage TVS tube models are: SMF200A, SMF200CA, SMAJ200A, SMAJ200CA, SMBJ200A, SMBJ200CA, SMCJ200A, SMCJ200CA, 3KP200A, 3KP200CA, SMDJ200A, SMDJ200CA, 5KP200CA, 5KP200A 5.0SMDJ200A, 5.0SMDJ200CA, 15KP200A, 15KP200CA and so on. For specific parameters, please refer to the corresponding product specifications. Anti-surge over-voltage protection, which type of TVS transient suppression diode to choose to escort, it is recommended to select under professional technical guidance!