ADUM1240 Micropower, Dual-Channel Digital Isolators, Default High (2/0 Channel Directionality)

Product Details

The ADuM1240ADuM1241 / ADuM1245 / ADuM1246 are micropower, dual-channel digital isolators based on the Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology. (Quad-channel products available). Combining high speed, complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and monolithic air core transformer technologies, these isolation components provide outstanding performance characteristics superior to the alternatives, such as optocoupler devices.

The 20-lead SSOP version of the ADuM1240 / ADuM1241 / ADuM1245 / ADuM1246 allows control of the internal refresh functions. As shown in Figure 3, in standard operating mode, when ENx = 0 (internal refresh enabled), the current per channel is less than 10 μA.

When ENx = 1 (internal refresh disabled), the current per channel drops to less than 1 μA.

The ADuM1240 / ADuM1241 / ADuM1245 / ADuM1246 are packaged in either a 20-lead SSOP for 3.75 kV reinforced isolation or an 8-lead SOIC for 3 kV basic isolation. The devices meet regulatory requirements, such as UL and CSA standards.

In addition to the space saving package options, the ADuM1240 / ADuM1241 / ADuM1245 / ADuM1246 operate with supplies as low as 2.25 V. All models provide low, pulse width distortion at <8 ns. In addition, every model has an input glitch filter to protect against extraneous noise disturbances.&


  1. Outstanding Power Performance.
    These 3 kV digital isolators operate with 2.5 V supplies.
  2. Distortion and Noise Protection.
    Low pulse width distortion (< 8 ns for A grade models) and an input glitch filter for extraneous noise disturbance protection.


  • General-purpose, low power, multichannel isolation
  • 1 MHz low power SPI
  • 4 mA to 20 mA loop process control

Features and Benefits

  • Ultralow power operation
    3.3 V operation
    6 μA per channel quiescent current, refresh enabled
    0.3 μA per channel quiescent current, refresh disabled
  • 148 μA/Mbps per channel typical dynamic current
  • 2.5 V operation
    3 μA per channel quiescent current, refresh enabled
    0.1 μA per channel quiescent current, refresh disabled
  • Quad-channel products available
  • See datasheet for additional features