ADN8810 12-Bit High Output Current Source

Product Details

The ADN8810 is a 12-bit current source with an adjustable full-scale output current of up to 300 mA. The full-scale output current is set with two external sense resistors. The output compliance voltage is 2.5 V, even at output currents up to 300 mA.

The device is particularly suited for tunable laser control and can drive tunable laser front mirror, back mirror, phase, gain, and amplification sections. A host CPU or microcontroller controls the operation of the ADN8810 over a 3-wire SPI interface. The 3-bit address allows up to eight devices to be independently controlled while attached to the same SPI bus.

The ADN8810 is guaranteed with ±4 LSB INL and ±0.75 LSB DNL. Noise and digital feedthrough are kept low to ensure low jitter operation for laser diode applications.


  • Tunable laser current source
  • Programmable high output current source
  • Automatic test equipment

Features and Benefits

  • High precision 12-bit current source
  • Low noise
  • Long term stability
  • Current output from 0 mA to 300 mA
  • Output fault indication
  • Low drift
  • Programmable maximum current
  • 24-lead 4 mm × 4 mm lead frame chip scale package
  • 3-wire serial interface