3D AI chip company Eva Technology completes 100 million yuan A round of financing

Recently, Eva Technology, a 3D AI chip system company, announced that it has completed a billion-dollar A round of financing, led by Zhongke Chuangxing, with Tuojin Capital and Hanyang Investment following the investment, and the old shareholder Dingqing Investment continues to pursue investment. This round of financing will be mainly used to accelerate the development and commercialization of a series of vision modules based on Eva's self-developed 3D AI vision chip.

Eva Technology is a system solution company focusing on chip design and vision algorithms. It focuses on the R&D and design of consumer/industrial 3D vision modules and solutions based on the autonomous monitor 3D AI processor, empowering smart door locks, access control, and robots. , Smart hardware, face payment, and other artificial intelligence landing scenarios.

The Eva Technology team brings together high-end talents from internationally renowned chip design companies such as AMD, Intel, and Broadcom, covering experts in algorithms, chips, and module products. Up to now, Eva has applied for more than 100 pieces of intellectual property rights, and its face recognition module has obtained BCTC's national financial payment-level security certification and other qualifications. With its three major characteristics of high reliability, low power consumption, and high performance, it has reached the world's 500 Strongly establish in-depth cooperation with well-known domestic enterprises.

The company has core technologies such as AI dedicated vision processors, binocular stereo vision technology, AI vision algorithm, etc. Chaiying series AI dedicated chip is a new generation of AI edge reasoning processor based on the heterogeneous architecture of Eva's independent intellectual property rights, with built-in neural network processing The device (NPU), 3D engine, HDR, ISP, etc., enable it to have the ability to lead the field of efficient and intelligent processing, analysis and low-power management.

Equipped with Eva's self-developed AI algorithm, it is more suitable for hardware-based concurrent implementation and supports mainstream framework models such as Pytorch, Mxnet, and Tensorflow. The resource reusability of Eva's dedicated chip architecture enables hardware computing units to be flexibly allocated to meet the computing needs of different scenarios.

Eva Technology’s main products include 3D face recognition modules, 3D machine vision modules, RGBD modules, standardized vision modules based on Eva’s second-generation 3D AI chip tracking screens, and 3D faces embedded with Eva’s independent intellectual property rights. Recognition algorithm, in-depth calculation, ISP, NPU, HDR, focusing on scenarios such as smart door locks, attendance machines, access control, and face payment. There are models such as A31L18, A31G25, and A31P40.

The current 3D AI chip market is on the eve of the explosion. Smart door locks and robots will all be important application areas for 3D AI chips in the future. For example, in the field of smart door locks, manufacturers believe that the features of non-contact, simplicity and good experience are making 3D face-sweeping. Door locks are favored by the market and will be gradually increased in the future.

Equipped with Eva's self-developed visual module A31L18 focusing on 3D face recognition and algorithms have passed the BCTC national financial payment-level security certification (enhanced level), and have achieved large-scale commercial mass production in the smart door lock market.

Aiwa Technology has launched the flagship binocular vision module A31R50 for machine vision solutions, which integrates the original 3D depth engine (deep computing fusion accelerator) and 3D vision reconstruction technology, with accurate obstacle avoidance (detection accuracy up to 1-meter distance) Millimeters) and intelligent recognition, while achieving a high frame rate and low power consumption (up to [email protected]), it can help the robot better understand and recognize the surrounding environment, and various performance indicators exceed the international giant Intel Realsense.

Ava Technology has complete staffing in the fields of chips, algorithms, software, etc. It has innovatively defined SoC chips with the ultimate cost-effectiveness for 3D AIOT scenes several years in advance and has achieved certain market applications, with obvious first-mover advantages.

At present, there are very few manufacturers in 3D AI chips, modules, software, and other aspects. With the gradual increase in market applications in the future, under the leadership of excellent teams, Eva Technology is very likely to seize more markets in the future and become this field. The leading companies of EVA, the capital invested in Eva Technology, and even additional investment, perhaps it is the future market where Eva Technology is located, and the company has sufficient conditions to continue to grow.