New progress in the IPO of Gelling Deep Eye Science Innovation Board, focusing on computer vision

Computer vision company Gelling Shenpu entered the Sci-tech Innovation Board. The application was accepted on June 22, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange website showed that the inquiry has been made on July 16. After deducting the issuance costs, the funds raised from the public offering of new shares of Green Deep Eye will focus on the artificial intelligence algorithm platform upgrade project, artificial intelligence innovation application research and development project, and marketing service system upgrade construction project

Revenue mainly comes from urban management, smart finance, and commercial retail

With the vision of "Let computers understand the world", Gelling Shentong focuses on the deep integration of advanced computer vision technology and big data analysis technology with application scenarios and provides solutions for urban management, smart finance, commercial retail, sports health, and rail transit. Artificial intelligence products and solutions in fields such as operation and maintenance.

Founded in 2013, the company is an early explorer and practitioner of the domestic computer vision industry and algorithm technology. It has a large number of independently developed core algorithms in the field of computer vision. With strong technical capabilities and long-term commercialization experience, Gelling Shentong has Successfully achieved mature landing applications in the three major areas of city management, smart finance, and commercial retail.

The company's main business income mainly comes from the three major areas of city management, smart finance, and commercial retail. It provides customers with artificial intelligence products and solutions with computer vision technology and big data analysis techniques as its core capabilities. At the same time, the products and solutions developed by the company in new areas such as sports health and rail transit operation and maintenance have all entered the customer verification stage. The company's independent research and development of artificial intelligence products mainly include Zhiyuan intelligent front-end products, Lingxi data intelligence platform, and Deep pupil industry application platform.

During the reporting period, the main business income of Geling Shentong came from products and solutions in the three major application areas of city management, smart finance, and commercial retail. Among them, the total sales revenue of urban management and smart finance accounted for 95.47%, 86.61%, and 83.03% of the company's main business revenue, respectively, which are the company's main sources of income.

Main business income is classified according to product composition: During the reporting period, the company’s self-developed Zhiyuan intelligent front-end products, Lingxi data intelligence platform, and deep pupil industry application platform were integrated into various solutions provided to customers during the reporting period. The composition of main operating income by-product is as follows:

From the perspective of customers, there have also been changed in the past three years. In 2020, the main customers of Geling Shentong are Agricultural Bank, Shang Boxin, CICC Yinli, Yihualu, Chaoyang Development, and Reform Commission, and the revenue proportions are 19.36%, 11.55%, and 10.80 respectively. %, 9.86%, 6.00%.

The huge industrial scale of the downstream field creates broad application prospects for artificial intelligence

At present, computer vision has become one of the key technologies that have made major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and have relatively clear application scenarios. It occupies an important position in artificial intelligence and has a broad market space in the future.

In 2019, the scale of my country's computer vision core industry and the scale of driving-related industries were 63.33 billion yuan and 143.86 billion yuan, accounting for 58.2% and 37.6% of the artificial intelligence core industry and the scale of driving-related industries, respectively. It is estimated that by 2025, the scale of my country's computer vision core industry and the scale of related industries will increase to 153.71 billion yuan and 485.84 billion yuan, respectively, with an average annual compound growth rate of 15.9% and 22.5%, respectively.

Artificial intelligence is a strategic technology leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and it has a "head goose" effect with a strong spillover and driving force. my country puts artificial intelligence at the national strategic level and has issued a series of important policies to encourage and support the development of artificial intelligence. The "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" clearly points out the "three-step" strategic goal for the development of my country's new generation of artificial intelligence by 2030. The 14th Five-Year Plan clearly proposes to "promote the deep integration of various industries such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence." Therefore, under the guidance of national strategy and policy support, my country's artificial intelligence industry is facing an important period of development opportunities.

The commercial application of artificial intelligence technology in my country has a scale advantage that other countries cannot match. At present, my country's artificial intelligence has been widely used in many fields such as urban management, finance, and retail. my country has a huge industrial scale in the above-mentioned fields and occupies an important position on a global scale.

In the field of urban management, my country's huge expenditures on urban and rural community affairs and public security have driven the development of public security, traffic management, government affairs, and other related industries. According to data released by, the total output value of my country's security industry in 2020 has reached 851 billion yuan;

In the field of smart finance, my country has a large number of financial institutions and operating outlets. According to the data of the "Global Fintech Adoption Rate Index 2019" released by Ernst & Young, the adoption rate of Fintech by Chinese consumers and SMEs ranks among the world in 2019. First, financial institutions have strong demand for financial technology applications including artificial intelligence;

In the field of commercial retail, the number of chain retail stores in my country has continued to grow, with over 250,000 in 2019 and sales of over 3.7 trillion yuan; in the future, my country is expected to surpass the United States as the world's largest retail market.

In summary, with the acceleration and deepening of the application of artificial intelligence technology, the huge industrial scale of the downstream field will create a broad application market for artificial intelligence in my country, and the industry has great potential for future development.

Geling Shentong has deep technical accumulation and rapid commercialization ability

Geling Deep Pupil has deep technical accumulation and advanced technology exploration. After years of continuous research and development optimization, the model produced by the company’s training task management platform can be automatically published to various types of graphics cards or platforms without manual intervention, including NVIDIA graphics cards, embedded platforms, and HiSilicon platforms, so as to achieve fast models The purpose of efficient delivery.

In addition to this deep learning-based model training and data production technology, the company has also formed the technical direction of 3D stereo vision technology, automated traffic scene perception, and event recognition technology, large-scale cross-mirror tracking technology, and robot perception and control technology. He has mastered multiple core technologies such as cross-platform model training technology, mass data production technology, multi-camera sensor calibration, and depth estimation technology, motion posture analysis technology, face recognition algorithm, and engine technology.

With rapid commercialization capabilities, Geling Shentong has successively developed core products such as Haomu behavior analyzer, edge computing equipment, and view big data platform since its establishment, and have been widely used in urban management, smart finance, commercial retail, and other fields. The company's self-developed and designed Haomu behavior analyzer was promoted and used in various branches of the Agricultural Bank during the reporting period, resulting in a rapid increase in the company's financial income.

The edge computing equipment developed by the company was quickly used in Sinopec’s smart gas station project as soon as it was launched in 2018; at the beginning of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, the company used artificial intelligence and dual-spectral imaging technology to accumulate in a short period of time. Quickly launch dual-light temperature measurement intelligent identification equipment and application systems to quickly, accurately, and safely perform body temperature measurement and verification, and promptly assist in epidemic prevention and control.

Have high-level R&D talents. After years of development, Geling Shentong has a highly educated and high-level R&D team. As of the end of the reporting period, the company had 146 R&D personnel, accounting for 55.51% of the total number of employees. Among them, 67 people have a master's degree or above, accounting for 45.89% of R&D personnel. The company’s core technical personnel have rich academic knowledge and R&D and innovation experience in the field of artificial intelligence and have a deep understanding and judgment of the industry’s cutting-edge technologies and development trends. They have led the R&D team to successfully develop solutions for urban management, smart finance, and commercial retail The company actively introduces experts and talents in various fields to conduct early research and landing verification of application scenarios, which provides a steady stream of the impetus for the company to continue to integrate computer vision technology and big data analysis technology with the industry.