MAX4613 Quad, SPST Analog Switch

Product Details

The MAX4613 quad analog switch features on-resistance matching (4Ω max) between switches and guarantees on-resistance flatness over the signal range (9Ω max). This low on-resistance switch conducts equally well in either direction. It guarantees low charge injection (10pC max), low power consumption (35µW max), and an electrostatic discharge (ESD) tolerance of 2000V minimum per Method 3015.7. The new design offers lower off leakage current over temperature (less than 5nA at +85°C).

The MAX4613 quad, single-pole/single-throw (SPST) analog switch has two normally closed switches and the two normally open switches. Switching times are less than 250ns for tON and less than 70ns for tOFF. Operation is from a single +4.5V to +40V supply or bipolar ±4.5V to ±20V supplies.


  • Audio-Signal Routing
  • Battery-Powered Applications
  • Communication Systems
  • Guidance and Control Systems
  • Heads-Up Displays
  • Military Radios
  • Modems/Faxes
  • Sample-and-Hold Circuits
  • Test Equipment

Features and Benefits

  • Pin Compatible with Industry-Standard DG213
  • Guaranteed RON Match Between Channels (4Ω max)
  • Guaranteed RFLAT(ON) Over Signal Range (9Ω max)
  • Guaranteed Charge Injection (10pC max)
  • Low Off Leakage Current Over Temperature (< 5nA at +85°C)
  • Withstands 2000V min ESD, per Method 3015.7
  • Low RDS(ON) (85Ω max)
  • Single-Supply Operation +4.5V to +40V
  • Bipolar-Supply Operation ±4.5V to ±20V
  • Low Power Consumption (35µW max)
  • Rail-to-Rail Signal Handling
  • TTL/CMOS-Logic Compatible