LTC3576 LTC3576-1 Switching Power Manager with USB On-the-Go + Triple Step-Down DC/DCs

Product Details

The LTC3576/LTC3576-1 are highly integrated power management and battery charger ICs for Li-Ion/Polymer battery applications. They each include a high efficiency, bidirectional switching PowerPath manager with automatic load prioritization, a battery charger, an ideal diode, a controller for an external high voltage switching regulator and three general purpose step-down switching regulators with I2C adjustable output voltages. The internal switching regulators automatically limit input current for USB compatibility and can also generate 5V at 500mA for USB on-the-go applications when powered from the battery. Both the USB and external switching regulator power paths feature Bat-Track optimized charging to provide maximum power to the application from supplies as high as 38V. An overvoltage circuit protects the LTC3576/LTC3576-1 from damage due to high voltage on the VBUS or WALL pins with just two external components. The LTC3576/LTC3576-1 are available in a low profile 38-pin (4mm × 6mm × 0.75mm) QFN package.


  • HDD-Based Media Players
  • GPS, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Smart Phones
  • Automotive Compatible Portable Electronics

Features and Benefits

  • Bidirectional Switching Regulator with Bat-Track Adaptive Output Control Provides Efficient Charging and a 5V Output for USB On-The-Go
  • Bat-Track Control of External High Voltage Step-Down Switching Regulator
  • Overvoltage Protection Guards Against Damage
  • Instant-On Operation with Discharged Battery
  • Triple Step-Down Switching Regulators with I2C Adjustable Outputs (1A/400mA/400mA IOUT)
  • 180mΩ Internal Ideal Diode + External Ideal Diode Controller Powers the Load in Battery Mode
  • Li-Ion/Polymer Battery Charger (1.5A Max ICHG)
  • Battery Float Voltage: 4.2V (LTC3576), 4.1V (LTC3576-1)
  • Compact (4mm × 6mm × 0.75mm) 38-pin QFN Package