Goodway launches two household energy storage lithium batteries

With China’s solemn commitment to the whole world with the grand goal of “30•60 carbon peaks and carbon neutrality”, the new energy industry has ushered in major development opportunities, and energy storage technology has become the key to the establishment of new power systems, and various provinces and cities have successively Issue relevant support policies for energy storage. The policy promotes the continuous reduction of the cost of solar energy storage, and the global energy storage market will usher in a new round of industrial dividends.

On June 3, 2021, at the world's largest photovoltaic and new energy exhibition Shanghai SNEC, the global energy storage inverter leader Goodway launched two household energy storage lithium batteries Lynx Home S series and Lynx Home U series. Continue to increase the domestic energy storage field. These are also the two new intelligent energy storage lithium battery products launched globally after the successful launch of the SECU-A and SECU-S batteries at the beginning of the year. With the stylish and beautiful home design, the brand-new electricity experience, Global families provide smart green power solutions.

The two batteries launched this time are the high-voltage Lynx Home S series and the low-voltage Lynx Home U series, which can be used with Goodway's two-way energy storage inverters to form a "photovoltaic + energy storage" system. It can save electricity bills, and it can also keep the family from being powered on forever. In the past few years, Goodway has become a leading enterprise in the field of household energy storage inverters, ranking first in the world in terms of market share. While achieving excellent results, Goodway has continued to break through boundaries and expand outward. The launch of energy storage battery products will promote Goodway to become a true one-stop energy storage solution service provider.

Both Lynx Home series of energy storage batteries have very competitive product capabilities in terms of software and hardware, real-time data monitoring, remote diagnostics, and remote upgrade of battery software. In addition, when the battery voltage is insufficient and enters the self-protection mode, it can automatically restart.

Goodway always pays attention to the safety of the energy storage system. The battery uses the safest and stable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cell, and the matched photovoltaic energy storage inverter has the AFCI2.0 (DC arc detection) function, which can be quickly identified The arc is turned off quickly, and the protection level of the energy storage battery IP65 makes the energy storage system suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, creating a safe barrier for the entire family energy storage system.

The Lynx Home series battery adopts a modular design, the modules can be automatically identified, which is convenient for configuration, and the battery system capacity can also be flexibly expanded. The high-voltage battery Lynx Home S series has an ultra-fast charging speed, which can be charged in only 1 hour, and is the most efficient among many energy storage batteries.

Since its listing in September 2020, Goodway (stock code 688390) has announced the expansion of new factory capacity, the construction of R&D centers, and smart energy management applications. It has recently entered the field of energy storage batteries, with the help of global energy storage Outstanding advantages in the inverter field, expand product portfolio, expand energy storage application scenarios, aim at the trillion-level energy storage market, provide clean and extreme electricity experience for global households, and form strong competitiveness in the industry.