Characteristics and application of TD MSDisplay one-core multi-screen display system

With the development and change of software and hardware technology, driven by the intelligent upgrade of automobiles, full LCD instruments have rapidly penetrated and expanded the market space, and the number of bicycle screens has continued to increase, gradually forming the following two major development trends.

1. Multi-screening and large-screening have become the general trend.

Traditional instruments have relatively low technical barriers, while full LCD instruments have increased the difficulty in hardware design, software integration, and product stability due to the addition of display screens, processors, memory, and interfaces, and require more technical capabilities. One step.

2. The trend of one-core multi-screen and integrated screens has become clearer

At the same time, the integration of multiple screens has also increased the complexity of the software: Take the central control screen as an example. After the large screen, the operating system is not only based on Linux/QNX. Due to the urgent need for more abundant applications, manufacturers are interested in Android The demand for the system is also growing rapidly, and the diversity of operating systems is further enriched. With the integration of one core and multiple screens, the requirements for software capabilities of manufacturers are gradually improved at each level.

For chip manufacturers, a powerful processor and a complex software operating system are required to implement one-core multi-screen construction. The complexity of the software will increase exponentially, and the technical threshold will increase accordingly.

As a result, a new question before each manufacturer has emerged: how to balance technology and cost efficiency?

Software technology optimization: TD MSDisplay one-core multi-screen display system

One of the highlights of the TD series basic software developed by Bluestar Technology is to solve the contradiction between cost and performance, which can help customers realize efficient and intelligent interactive solutions under lower configuration conditions. TD MSDisplay is a one-core multi-screen software product under its core technology.

TD MSDisplay (abbreviation: TD MSD) is a one-core multi-screen display system developed based on the ultra-high operating efficiency and ultra-low resource occupancy characteristics of TD GUI-Engine. It uses a set of computing cores to achieve a single chip Under the conditions, the functional effect of multiple screens being displayed separately and completely interactive can be achieved.

Software features

1. Low hardware resource requirements and cost savings

Low requirements on hardware resources, support for split-screen display, asynchronous processing, and effectively reduce overall costs. At the same time, relying on the powerful scheduling algorithm of the system can ensure safe and stable operation.

2. The system responds quickly and the interaction is smooth

Multi-screen independent display, interactive logic does not interfere with each other, and powerful performance. With TD IDS intelligent dual system, it can display Linux and Android applications at the same time.

3. Releasing the signal limitation and superior performance

The system board performance limitation caused by the delay caused by the signal entering and exiting between multiple chips is reduced, and the high-cost communication and performance problems are solved.

4. Code level test, safe and stable

Provide code-level testing to bring security and stability to the system and ensure that applications do not interfere with the kernel. Ensure that the system does not crash for a long time so that the application is safe and controllable.

It can be seen that under the trend of large-screen and multi-screen integration, the higher technical requirements are successfully realized here in TDMSD. TDMSD activates the potential of the low-configuration platform and releases multiple functional vitalities. From the perspective of safety and economy, TD MSD is also an excellent solution for multi-screen solutions.

One "core" multi-purpose: application of TD MSDisplay

One core and multiple screens can better meet the needs of individualization or intelligence. A unified brain establishes a network data channel, which can present and interact more intelligently.

One "core" and multiple "screens" are the direct application of TD MSD, and coupled with the blessing of the TD IDS intelligent dual system, the perfect compatibility of Linux and Android systems under one core and multiple screens can be realized at the same time. The content is displayed on multiple screens independently, but the interactive logic does not interfere with each other, making it a highly competitive multi-screen fusion solution.

Of course, as software technology, the application scenarios of TD MSD are not limited to the fields of smart meters or automotive electronics. Under the specific scenario requirements of more industries, there is more room for one core and multiple screens to be explored, and the product has unlimited potential. Waiting for us to discover together.