Application of 5G in the field of drones

The UAV countermeasure system is composed of a command system, detection and identification system, and a countermeasure system. The command and control system takes in surveillance data from military and civil aviation and UAV cloud systems, realizes centralized access, processing, storage, and distribution of various business data, realizes the command and control of various sub-systems, and the dynamic display of legal and illegal UAVs, Flight management and service, disposal evaluation, information linkage, and information recording functions. The detection and recognition system integrates the detection information of multiple sensors, such as radar, electromagnetic, and photoelectric, to find the direction of the target. The counter system realizes link interference, navigation interference, net capture, and effectiveness evaluation of UAV targets.

The key 5G wireless technologies such as new network architecture, new multiple access technologies, large-scale antenna arrays, ultra-dense networking, and full-spectrum access brought by 5G technology have a great impact on urban anti-drones and their swarm technologies. help.

The application of 5G in the field of drones has promoted the realization of full-time and intelligent construction of drones in logistics, agriculture, inspection, security, and other scenarios. The 5G technology empowers anti-UAV technology. Driven by innovations such as 5G technology large-scale array multiple input multiple output technology, bandwidth enhancement technology, dense networking technology, etc., the development of low-altitude defense of drones will accelerate and solve the current problems There are a series of problems such as co-channel interference, strong out-of-band interference, platform selection, and network communication that cannot be solved under network conditions and technical systems, making anti-UAV technology step by step an excellent supervisor in the new era.

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